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Mon, Nov 30, 2020 9:00 PM

Change information to reflect new phone

I recently upgraded my iPhone and also successfully paired my SIM to the new iPhone. However, when I go to my Xfinity Mobile account/devices, I still see my old iPhone information with a message:


"SIM pairing complete. SIM is now paired with a different device. All network-related features will apply to that device. All billing-related functions — such as device upgrades and monthly payments — are still paired with the original device."
I no longer own the original device (and it was completely paid for), so would like that information changed to reflect the new device that is now paired with my SIM. Can you help?


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6 m ago

Having the same issue, had an owned note 10+ and upgraded to a s21 via Samsung. How do I remove that old device?



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2 m ago

how did this end up getting resolved? Same issue here for me.

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