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Fri, Aug 5, 2022 8:37 PM

MB8600 many uncorrected packets on certain channels, frequent packet loss in computer apps/video streaming

Recently (within the past 2 months or so) we have been getting a lot of drop outs/packet loss when pc gaming and on discord voice chat that last 15-30 minutes before resolving. About 2 weeks ago we replaced our router from an approx 3 year old Asus AC1300 with an Asus AX1800 WiFi 6 router because when the packet loss was occuring, our router ip page was unreachable. We assumed that would fix it but just experienced it again last night, but our router page was still working though it said the internet wan was disconnected/no internet. So checking our MB8600 connection page shows that channels 18-22 have a huge number of uncorrected errors (millions to billions) but the modem has an uptime of almost 14 days. It was probably power cycled when we installed the new router.

I wanted to replace the router at some point anyway for the wifi 6 advantages for our phones and oculus home streaming, but I don't want to have to replace the modem unless necessary. We have the comcast 1gig down 40 up plan and usually get 940 down and 41 up when we do a speed test. Is there anything we should try before scheduling a tech visit or replacing the modem?

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Hello! We can absolutely get troubleshooting started on my end if you'd like, which involves double checking the install, the setup, and sending a few signals your way to see about resetting the modem and refreshing the signal it's receiving. The speeds you mentioned you are getting are right on par with what's to be expected with Gig internet and multiple devices connected, so that's good. We may be able to correct the packet loss with troubleshooting, but we do have limitations as to what we can do on third party equipment. 

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